Walk With Me

Walk With Me

I suppose you have noticed that I have been absent from this Blog for a while, quite a while. Well, that’s over. I am making some changes this year and I am taking my followers along with me on the journey. I am sharing wellness and life knowledge that I have gained over my 40 years in Healthcare.

My life changed drastically 3 months ago when my husband died suddenly and as a result, I took the time to think about what I want to do with my life. How do I want to make an impact during this second phase of life.

After this reflection, my focus this is year is going be self-care. I invite you along on this journey as I make some significant changes in my life. I see this as the perfect time. My Motto for this year is Wellness And Life Knowledge, W.A.L.K.

Walk with me and we will explore all of the possibilities for wellness and graceful aging. To that end, I have joined a challenge that will help me eat better and lose some added weight that I put on during the last few months at home. My diet of carbs and sugar has gotten out of control and it’s time to take action. I know what I need to do but I feel that a coach will help me get a handle on this.

My activity also needs an upgrade so I joined a rowing team. I am looking forward to the support and accountability this team will provide. You are invited to share in my successes and failures (because I know there will be some) as I take this new path. My hope is that my experience will help some of you along the way.




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I am a retired nurse with a passion for helping people. I believe that if I can help people stay healthier, I can help them live better lives. That's my goal.