This Challenge May KILL Me!

Day 2 and we got into the exercises. Now as I’ve said, I don’t think that I’m a slouch when it comes to being active. I don’t sit at my computer for hours, I take breaks, play with the dogs, do housework etc. I’m not a couch potato.

That being said, the lower body “fun” workout that Kim put us through today was a challenge. I have some limitations because of bad knees and an ankle that doesn’t bend all the way, and those made it harder. I needed to adapt the workout to fit my capabilities. I did it all and I did the 20 minutes required and I was out of breath and needed to take a few breaks between sets.

I know that 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, and I thought it would be a piece of cake but when you’re doing things you haven’t done for years and your body isn’t quite cooperating, it’s a long time.

The good thing though is I made it through the challenge and didn’t wimp out. And I learned some new exercises that I had not done before. I will take the ones that work for me and keep doing them. In my experience, the more you do the tough stuff, the easier it gets in the end. Then it’s no longer “tough” and you have to step it up. Who knows, I may get to the “advanced” workout that Kim gave for those people who are ahead of me and yes, I’ll say it, younger than me.

So my advice for today, if you’re facing a challenging workout, take it in pieces and modify it if you must. The important thing is to DO it. And then DO it again until it becomes easier and fun. Also, if it’s something you don’t do a lot, make sure you replace your fluids and have some extra protein to help those muscles recover. When you exercise, you break down muscle tissue so you need to build it up again. I did that, so I hope I won’t be too stiff tomorrow. We’ll see.

Until Tomorrow!

PS: If you’re curious about what I use to help with muscle recovery after working out, send me a message at ¬†and if you want to see videos that people are making in this challenge search facebook for #automaticbody.

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