Eating Less is Healthy Eating

Today is a rest day for the Automatic Body Challenge, thank goodness. I am a little stiff today, but not too bad. The extra protein I had must have helped. Anyway, I thought I would write about healthy eating by eating less. Eating less sugar, processed carbohydrates, fat (the bad kind) and less food in […]

Healthy Eating… Cocoa

Say What!? Yes, it’s been proven that the powder from the ┬ároasted cacao bean has impressive heart protection benefits. We’ve been hearing this for a while but now there are independent studies! Several of them over the last five years done by people with no connection to the industry! The healthy benefits demonstrated in these […]

Should You Diet?

There are lots of diets out there, some practical using good nutrition and some really crazy ones. It’s a proven fact that 80% of people who “diet” will fall off the wagon and gain back most of the weight they were able to lose. It’s called “Yo Yoing” and keeps lots of diet supplement companies […]