Sugar is BAD… Right?

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Today’s topic is sugar, is it BAD? The answer is YES and NO. It depends on the sugar.

Processed sugar is bad and has NO nutritional value whatsoever! Table sugar, brown sugar (which I love by the way), high fructose corn syrup, glucose; you get the picture. These are all sugars that you should stay away from or at least reduce your intake. Looking at labels on foods will help you identify those foods with these sugars in them. Basically, if you see something ending in “ose” that’s a processed sugar. Lots of foods have them because we like our food to taste good! Low fat foods that you buy typically use sugar to make them taste better, check the labels and you’ll see this is a fact.

So what can you use instead? Honey, Molasses and maple syrup are naturally occurring sugars and can be used to sweeten foods. They are still sugars that should be used in moderation but are better than those mentioned above.

Natural food based sugars are the best. These are the sugar that is found in fruit, vegetables and dairy. They are better because they also have nutritional value that offsets the sugar such as fiber, protein and vitamins. The fiber and protein contained in these foods help level out the release of insulin into the blood stream and reduce your cravings for more sweets. I’ll cover why you crave sweets in a later post.

Anyway, the point is, you may not be able to totally eliminate sugar in your diet, but you can reduce it. Just be smart about what you’re eating and read the labels.

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