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Yesterday I told you about walking and that it’s a great way to get your exercise in. It’s low impact, but it is impact and for you ladies that’s important to prevent osteoporosis. Well anyway, it occurred to me that you may want to learn a little bit about how to pick the proper shoes, whether it’s for walking or running.

There are three things to look for when choosing your shoes: you want good shock absorption, especially in the heels; stability is important, especially if you are walking outside because surfaces are not even; and of course comfort. Always keep in mind the type of walking you will be doing because walking on a treadmill is way different than walking outside.

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Shopping Tips
There are also some practical tips as you shop to help you get the right shoes for you:
1) Shop later in the day, your feet are at their largest later in the day because of swelling that occurs during the day.
2) Make sure that you bring the socks you plan to wear while trying on your shoes.
3) Work with a sales person and have them measure both feet. None of us are perfect and our feet may be different sizes. Also make sure that you are standing during the measurement.
4) Try on both shoes and walk around. If the shoes feel tight, try the next size up. Don’t think that they will stretch out, get them to fit properly from the start.
5) And finally, make sure you are aware of the store’s return policy. With shoes, it can be tricky so ask. You never know when you may want to take the shoes back.

Take care of your feet and your walk will be more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than sore feet or blisters from shoes that don’t fit correctly. Remember, these shoes are going to take your feet through a lot of miles.

Your walk can either be enhanced by your choice of shoes, or torture. So choose your shoes carefully. Torture is not a fun way to get your exercise.

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