Resolution Tips for 2016

The next three days I’m going to discuss three of the most common Resolutions that people have for the New Year, every year. I will give you some tips and ideas on what you can do to at least have a shot at keeping them this year.Resolution

Resolution to Get in Better Shape:

We all want to get in better shape and feel better. So we make a Resolution to work out more, move more, exercise more, join a gym whatever the wording it all amounts to getting in shape.

What usually happens is first we join a gym, or reactivate the membership we let lapse from last year. Then we go every day or several times a week and dive right in. Meaning, we overdo it! BIG TIME! And then we quit going. We think about it for a while and then we don’t even do that. If you’re really committed, you might last until March. Another Resolution not kept, better luck next year.

Some people go out and buy equipment for a home gym or might even have it from previous years. Again, we overdo it for a while and then the equipment becomes a clothes rack. Not only time wasted, but money as well.


Before you rush into anything, think about and set a goal. Chances are this is a step you missed previous years when setting this Resolution. Are you looking to lose weight or just tighten up in a few areas?  Is it to just feel better and not run out of breath every time you go up a flight of stairs? Your goal will guide your program.

Tip #2:

If you really want to join a gym, do some research. Different gyms focus on different things. For instance, Crossfit is all the rage right now but isn’t for everyone. Many gyms will have trial memberships this time of year, so take advantage of that and try out a couple to find the right fit. You may even get a free session with a personal trainer. Take advantage of that too. They can help you find the right program for you based on your goal.

Tip #3:

If a home gym is your preference, visit a sporting goods store that specializes in workout equipment and ask lots of questions. Most of them pride themselves in customer service so they will steer you to the right equipment, not just the most expensive. Again, know what your goal is so they can better help you. If you already have equipment from a previous Resolution, take the clothes off of it and clean it up. Then go to the same above store and talk to someone as if you are going to buy it again. See Tip #2.

Tip #4:

Know your limitations. Where are you starting from? Are you in fairly good shape, do you do some activity daily? Or are you a couch potato? Be honest with yourself and you will have a better experience. Make note of your starting point and be sure to include that in discussion with trainers or sales people.

Resolution 2Tip#5:

And finally, START SLOW! You may feel like you’re not getting much of a workout, but remember, you haven’t done this for a while. Your muscles and joints will thank you. You can always increase your activity as you go, but it’s much harder to go back after you hurt. A little burn is good but don’t overdo it. Remember, you want to keep this Resolution this year!

Bonus Tip:

HAVE FUN. If it’s not fun, you aren’t going to keep doing it.


If you enjoyed this or found some value, please feel free to comment and share! If  you have some tips that have worked for you to help you keep a Resolution or have a question, let me know.


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  1. Cynthia, great resolution tips. I believe that if people changed their mindset, they would do better.

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