OK, Enough with the Sugar!

I figure we are all sugared out so I’m changing subjects today. How do you cut calories? Are you one of those people who think they can lose weight if they don’t eat? WRONG! Especially if you skip breakfast and think that you are doing yourself a favor.

Not eating sends a message to your body saying, “oooh, I may not get any fuel for a while, better store some!” Guess what gets stored, FAT! Your metabolism also decreases to conserve energy. This is your body’s defense mechanism against starvation, and by not eating you are sending that message.

So what should you eat and how much. The fewest calories anyone should consume is 1200 per day. The best way to do that is by eating smaller amounts more frequently. I have three meals plus at least 2 snacks, sometimes 3 per day. That keeps me from getting hungry and eating bad things. You should always have a good breakfast, it gives you energy for the day and revs up your metabolism. Starting with protein is the best because that will stay with you longer and get you going. Many of you probably have a breakfast heavy with carbs, you know, toast, cereal etc. You should change to eggs, cheese, cottage cheese or peanut butter to add protein. Lots of carbs will just have you hungry in a couple of hours.

All of your meals and snack should contain protein, carbs (the good ones) and some fat (also the good ones). A good snack for me is an apple with either cheese or peanut butter MMMMMM! That gives me all three components and is quick and easy to do. A handful of almonds is also good because it’s portable and you can keep a few in handy places like the car for instance.

OK, that’s enough for today. I will cover good carbs and fats in later posts so watch for them. If you would like some information on a 24 week program designed by one of the country’s top personal trainers drop me a note a cynthia@cynthiabraseth.com And the cool thing is, it has an app that will remind of all the good things you should be doing!

Bye for now!

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