Nutritional Guidelines Revised

Breaking News! The Government has changed their Nutritional Guidelines. I don’t know how often they make changes, but this made the National News tonight. It struck me as I was listening to it that some things really did not change, but some others changed significantly. Now we all know that most people do not pay […]

Protein, Fuel For Your Body

The holidays are over and you’re feeling the guilt because of too many goodies and carbs and not enough protein. You probably spent last weekend feeling a little sluggish and bloated. Many people do because they eat all the wrong things during ┬áthat long week between Christmas and New Years. You need protein. Most of […]

New Beginning

Today is Sunday, January 3 and it’s quiet. After two long holiday weekends and lots of time with family and friends, today is a quiet day to sit and reflect about the New Beginning ahead. If you’re like many people, you made some promises to yourself (Resolutions), and this New Beginning needs to include those. […]