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I am passionate about wellness and enjoy sharing a lifetime of experience in staying active and healthy with others. After suddenly being widowed this year, I am walking a new path and I invite you to #WALK with me. Wellness And Life Knowledge is my mantra going forward. #WALKwithCindyB

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I am a Retired Nurse, Wellness Coach, Digital Marketer, Active Senior, and Dog Mom

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I invite you to walk along with me as I take this journey to increased wellness and graceful aging. I will bring you along through writings and videos as I model how I am getting healthier and adjusting to a new life on my own.

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To champion and be an example of positive, healthy aging strategies for Seniors who want to lead healthy, productive and active lives prior to and into Retirement. I work with them to develop new skills, follow new dreams and create new income.

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I am a Retired Nurse. Helping people is my passion and I have been doing it for over 40 years. My husband of 47 years recently passed which has been a whole life change for me. I am fortunate in that I have family, friends, my business and my volunteer work to keep me grounded through these changes.

I am a positive person, have been all my life, and my overall approach to life is to see the good in every situation. My approach to wellness is holistic with practical, natural solutions whenever possible. Especially as we age, we need to make practical adjustments to our lifestyle choices so that we can stay active and productive.
I am a lifelong learner. and have jumped into Entrepreneurship with both feet. It has been a way for me to realize some of my dreams and stay actively engaged in life. I believe it’s never too late to learn something new and that Retirement is a good time to test the waters.

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I do this because I have seen too many people delay retirement and their dreams. I have a rich and fulfilling retirement and I want others to have the same.

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To inspire others to follow their dreams into the next stage of life. Teach lifestyle changes to make those “Golden Years” truly golden.

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I offer coaching and practical advice for healthy aging. I can also show different opportunities for learning new skills, starting a business or expanding a business you already have.