Boost Metabolism, How?

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Hey everyone! It’s good to be back! I had some technical difficulties, but they are solved. Today, I want to talk about how to boost metabolism.


The process of converting food and drink to energy. So what determines how well this process will work for you?


The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn. That’s why men have an easier time losing weight, they have more and larger muscles that we women do.

Body Fat:

Less body fat, more calories burned. Sadly another advantage for men because they naturally have less body fat that we do.


The myth is that metabolism slows as we age. Technically, that’s true but not because we are older. It’s because as we age, we lose muscle mass. Again, less muscle, fewer calories burned. And, as we age, we do slow down and are less active.

So, do you see the trend here? To increase your metabolism and burn more calories you need to build muscle. TaDa!! I bet right now you’re saying, “That’s it?” Well not totally, but it is a major factor. Gaining more muscle mass is more than just exercise or weight lifting. It’s also making sure you get enough protein in your diet to assist in building and maintaining that muscle mass.

The combination of activity, resistance exercise and protein will increase your chances of burning more calories that you take in and losing weight. Besides, we all look better when we are toned. When we look better, we feel better. So as you start on a journey to better health, make sure to keep your muscles in the plan.

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