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I am a Wellness Coach, Digital Marketer, Retired Nurse, Active Senior #WALKwithCindyB #LiveYourBestLife

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I am passionate about wellness and enjoy sharing a lifetime of experience in staying active and healthy with others. After suddenly being widowed this year, I am walking a new path and I invite you to #WALK with me. I am a Retired Nurse, Wellness Coach, Digital Marketer, Active Senior, and Dog Mom. I invite you to walk along with me as I take my journey to increased wellness and graceful aging. I will do that through writings and videos as I model how I am getting healthier and adjusting to a new life on my own. I will champion and be an example of positive, healthy aging strategies for Seniors who want to lead healthy, productive and active lives prior to and into Retirement. I will work with them to develop new skills, follow new dreams and create new income.

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What’s in Your Pantry?

What’s in Your Pantry?

Jan 16, 2016 | No Comments

Have you looked at the things stored in your pantry lately? Do you even know what’s in there? Since it’s all non-perishable foods,┬áit’s possible that you don’t know what you have. I know there have been times when I have found some surprises in the pantry. Especially if my husband has been grocery shopping! If […]

Nutritional Guidelines Revised

Jan 7, 2016 | No Comments

Breaking News! The Government has changed their Nutritional Guidelines. I don’t know how often they make changes, but this made the National News tonight. It struck me as I was listening to it that some things really did not change, but some others changed significantly. Now we all know that most people do not pay […]

Count Calories??

Jan 5, 2016 | No Comments

If you want to lose weight, do you know how many calories you should be eating? Do you count calories? Is it even necessary today? I say that it is necessary to count calories. It gives you a road map to success. In fact, the secret to losing weight for good isn’t in fad diets […]